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Helping Your Buyer With Closing Costs

By carefully negotiating an offer, it is possible for you to help a buyer with points and/or closing costs and still arrive at a fair net amount of your sales price.

Discount Points

  • Without discount points, some new loans are not possible.
  • A discount point is one percent of the buyer’s loan amount.
  • Conventional, FHA and VA loan discount points are negotiable.

Closing Costs

  • Miscellaneous charges are generally under $2,000.
  • A 1% transfer fee based on the purchase price is charged to properties within the Breckenridge town limits; this is generally paid for by the buyer, but is negotiable.
  • Some lenders will allow these charges to be paid for by the seller.

Title Insurance

  • Clear and insurable title is generally conveyed in Colorado by a Policy of Title Insurance.
  • Title insurance is generally paid for by the seller.