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Tips On Preparing Your Home For The Marketplace.

Remember: first impressions count!

Make sure your property says “WELCOME.”

  • Paint and repair chipped and peeling trim-work.
  • Keep front door clean; paint it if need be.
  • Trim foundation plants to keep from obscuring sun and views if you
    have a ground level unit.
  • Keep snow, leaves, and debris from entry and porches.
  • Sweep and hose off decks, porches, and patios if needed.

The Front Door Greets The Prospective Buyer

  • Be sure it is spotlessly clean.
  • Repaint or re-stain if necessary.
  • Replace worn or dirty welcome mats.
  • Create a positive feeling with pots of seasonal flowers.

Windows And Lighting

  • Keep windows sparkling; they let light into your home.
  • Replace broken or cracked windowpanes and thermo-seals.
  • Clean all light fixtures and replace burned out bulbs.

This is especially important in the winter months and if your property
is not south facing.

A Clean Kitchen Is A Must

Many buyers judge the housekeeping by the condition of the kitchen.

  • Ovens should be impeccably clean; timers should operate.
  • Stovetops should shine; replace stained burner drip pans.
  • Vent-hood and filter should be free of greasy film.
  • Dishwasher interiors should sparkle and be stain-free.
  • Intercoms should be operable.

Sparkling Bathrooms Help Sell Properties

  • Repair caulking in bathtubs and showers.
  • Replace cracked or broken shower doors.
  • Replace torn or soiled shower curtains.
  • Tubs, toilets, ceramic tile, and fixtures should be free from soap
    film and mildew.
  • Mirrors should be sparkling.

Floors And Woodwork

  • Clean and polish all hard surface flooring.
  • Vacuum all carpeting; have professionally cleaned or replaced if needed.
  • Polish all paneling and apply scratch remover if needed.


  • Re-mortar firebox if needed.
  • Clean out fireboxes and put fresh logs in firebox.
  • Keep mantle clean, neat and remove clutter.
  • Hearth should be free of ash and wood particles.
  • Clean soiled moss rock or river rock if needed.

The Senses

  • Create warm and inviting smells such as apple pie or vanilla.
  • Turn on key lighting: entry lights, bedside lights, under counter
    lights and bathroom lights
  • Turn on soft, soothing music.