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How to Make Your Home Ready to Put on the Market

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So you’re going to sell your house. Congratulations! This is a major life decision and there’s a lot of excitement ahead for you. But in today’s market it’s crucial to realize that selling a home has many challenges. The good news is there are steps you can take to make sure your home really shines when potential buyers come through.

Don’t Let Emotions Get in the Way

A house is more than just a building where you store your stuff. It’s a place where you’ve built years of your life and contains many fond memories.

So you’re going to feel emotions of some kind as you prepare to move into another home. But you shouldn’t let these emotions get in the way of preparing for a sale.

The best approach to begin this process is by reminding yourself that this house is essentially a product to be sold. By looking at it from this angle, you will start to feel more detached. You can also attain closure by saying goodbye to each room. Most importantly, you should never forget that this is a time to look to the future instead of glorifying the past. Keep in mind that you’re entering a new, fabulous chapter of your life so that any sadness doesn’t work to hold you back. 

Get Rid of the Clutter

You might think your knick-knacks are comforting. They make your house feel like home. But when a house is cluttered, it doesn’t provide a good impression to prospective buyers. You want your house to feel spacious and neat, not packed with personal items like tons of photographs or half-used candles that can distract from the place’s features. So reduce any items on display to the bare minimum.

Neutral Is Good

If your walls are black with red polka dots everywhere, you might have a problem. It’s often best to maintain soft, neutral colors on the walls of your house. That doesn’t mean you should revert to a flat white in every room. Such a choice could cause your place to look pretty boring. But neutral, calming colors go a long way to make a positive impact.

Keep It Clean

You have one chance to get the attention of someone who’s looking to buy a new home. So it’s important to make sure your house is sparkling clean. It’s worthwhile to consider hiring a professional cleaning service while your house is on the market. This investment will make sure your home is always in top-notch condition, especially if you don’t have time to do a thorough cleaning yourself for every showing.

Consider Curb Appeal

Straightening up the interior of your home is crucial to attracting serious buyers. But you don’t want to forget how your place looks from the outside either. So take a moment to study your house from the curb and be honest about what you see. How do the bushes look? Are there dead branches in your yard? Is the grass green or has it turned a brownish color? Think about how to make the outside of your house appear more inviting to visitors.

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