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Wine, Cheese and Chocolate in the Heart of Breckenridge

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Breckenridge is a great place to live for so many reasons. Not only does it offer incredible ski slopes, scenic views and outdoor fun, Breckenridge is also a very distinct community with lots of wonderful small businesses.

One business that literally gives this town some of its flavor is called Ridge Street Wine/Breckenridge Cheese & Chocolate. They’re actually two businesses that are run by the same owners, Anne Dowling and Ken Buck. First came Ridge Street Wine in 2000 and then five years later Breckenridge Cheese & Chocolate was born.

Since I love shining the spotlight on what makes Summit County towns so unique, I reached out to Anne to ask her to share with us more about what her businesses bring to the Breckenridge area.

She told me a lot of intriguing information about herself, including her experiences as a competitive skier all over Europe and North America. Of all the places she has ever seen, Anne chose to settle down in Breckenridge. Now that really says something about Breckenridge’s appeal!

“When I retired, I knew Breckenridge was where I wanted to be – to start a life and be part of a community,” Anne explained.

After working as a Wine Representative for a few years in Summit County, Anne went back to Europe for a winter. That’s where she found a store in France that only sold wine. This really got Anne thinking about how much Breckenridge would benefit from such a business.

Within months of returning to Breckenridge, she opened up her own shop. Well over a decade later, Anne and Ken are still just as involved in the wine world as ever.

“I am always reading about wines and trends in the wine industry and always trying new wines. It is a continual project,” Anne said to me. “My husband and I travel to different wine growing regions as often as we can. It is our passion to learn and to understand wines and the wine industry.”

It’s quite clear that Anne’s boutique wine shop provides a service unlike any other in Breckenridge. Whether you’re looking for a hand chosen bottle of wine or just a half glass of something you’ve never tried before, Anne is here for you.

Oh, and don’t forget the cheeses and chocolates to choose from, too!

The two small businesses owned by Anne and Ken really help give Breckenridge a distinctive feel. It’s a terrific community with lots of lovely places to live. And think about this: if you move to Breckenridge, wine, cheese and chocolate are just around the corner!

For more information about these shops, check out their website today.

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