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How to Decide Between New and Existing Homes

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You’ve decided it’s time to buy a house in Summit County.

I’m very happy for you and I’d love to be of service as you embark on this exciting journey.

But before we get started, you have an important choice to make.

Are you looking to purchase new construction or an existing home? Each type of house has distinct advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider. The one that’s right for you will depend on many personal factors.

Let me give you some questions to ask yourself as you figure out what type of home would work best for your life.

When Do You Want to Move?

If you have a firm deadline for when you need to move, new construction may not be ideal. Periodically, there are builder delays due to material shortages, severe weather or other types of hold-ups.

So if you’re trying to time your move into a brand new home with the selling of your current house, you might encounter some problems along the way.

It’s true that you always have to juggle all of the details of selling and buying, whether you’re upgrading or downsizing from one house to another. But with existing homes, you don’t have the same kinds of postponements that are often part of new construction.

Where Do You Want to Live?

Location is a major consideration in any home that you purchase. That’s why you should really narrow down the precise areas of Summit County that interest you.

When mulling over new construction, remember that it requires the use of available land. So homes may not be close to metropolitan areas. This means you might have to travel some distance for your commute to work. Also, shopping and other errands that need to get done could be a longer drive.

If you enjoy having more space around you, building a new home could be the perfect choice. But keep in mind that new houses may be erected around yours in years to come, making your neighborhood as developed as existing urban areas.

The other side is that a resale home may be located in exactly the kind of Summit County neighborhood you’ve always loved. Therefore, this could be just what you want in the end.

For these reasons, it’s very important to take the time to think about where you’d like to live as you weigh all of your options.

Do You Want to Customize Your Home?

Finding the right home takes time. You have a list of things that you want included in your house. From the size of the backyard to a particular number of bedrooms, there are certain qualities that you probably envision in this major purchase.

The nice thing about new construction is that many builders will let you help design your home. So you can have a whirlpool in the master bathroom or you may choose the type of countertop you want in the kitchen.

Existing homes don’t offer this type of flexibility. With the exception of some possible repairs, it’s pretty much a what-you-see-is-what-you-get kind of deal when it comes to customization.

Also, another thing to weigh are rooms and room size. New construction generally has fewer rooms, but their size is larger. This includes more spacious kitchens and gathering areas such as media rooms.

Older homes usually have more rooms, but they tend to be smaller. In addition, a resale may have unique, historical features that you won’t find in new construction. Artistic moldings and ceiling details aren’t customary in homes that are newly built.

Is Energy Efficiency a Top Priority?

Today’s energy standards are a lot higher than they were in previous decades. As a result, homes that are currently being built are better equipped for energy use.

So walls are insulated to maintain desired temperatures within a home, which prevents conditioned air from escaping through doors and windows.

Green systems and appliances are also more prevalent in new construction and that’s another way to maintain energy efficiency for the homeowner.

An existing house may have many of these energy savers already. But if it doesn’t and you want your home to be high in efficiency, it will cost you more to convert systems in a house that’s already built than to include green appliances and other energy advances in new construction. 

Want More Information?

As you can tell, choosing between new and existing homes has many complexities. Each kind of house offers lots of pros and cons to consider so it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. But don’t worry. I’m here to answer any questions you may have and assist you every step of the way.

Feel free to contact me at your convenience. You can fill out my Information Request Form send me an email at [email protected] or call my office lines. Please know I would love to help you in any of your real estate needs.

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