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Winter is Here in Summit County!

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Winter is officially here in Summit County!  There’s snow on the ground, the ski areas are opening, and heavy winter coats have come out of the closets.  Whether you’re a full time resident here, or you’re planning on spending time in your second home enjoying Summit County and the slopes, there are things you can do to make your transition to winter easier.  Follow the steps listed below to keep your home and your family safe and warm.

Winterize your home:

  • Drain and store any garden hoses
  • Cover exposed pipes
  • Clean gutters and downspouts of any debris
  • Secure gutters and downspouts, make sure they can withstand snow and ice
  • If you have it, check your roof ice melt system for loose areas or electrical shorts
  • Check roof shingles and flashing to prevent leaks
  • Service and check your furnace or heating system
  • Service your fireplace and flume to clean out debris and be sure it’s working correctly
  • Service and tune your snow blower
  • Always keep heat set to at least 55 degrees to prevent pipe freezes
  • Add insulation to attics or outside walls to prevent heat loss
  • Purchase sturdy snow shovels and have them conveniently placed at entrances to your home
  • Place ice melt or sand in a sealed container nearby to use on walkways
  • Replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

Be prepared for storms and emergencies:

  • Keep a bag in your car with winter gear: scraper, shovel, tow strap, flashlight, gloves, hat, and boots
  • Have supplies at home in case of power outages: lighters, candles, matches and candle holders
  • Store water, blankets, non-perishable food items, batteries, and a small radio in a easy to reach place
  • If you have pets, have emergency storage for them too!  Store extra food, water, and blankets to keep them happy in an emergency
  • Write emergency numbers in an easily located place.  Include friends and neighbors who can help, the hospital or medical services, Xcel energy, and any other emergency contacts you might need
  • Know where your water main is and keep the area clear in case of emergency shut-offs
  • Back up your computer regularly, and use surge protectors in case of outages

With these simple steps, you can sit back and enjoy the snow without worrying about your home or your family.  Have a fun and safe winter!


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