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Breckenridge Realtor’s Tip: Avoid Summertime Mistakes

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Summer is the perfect season for backyard barbecues, relaxing in the sun and great vacations to exotic locations. However, if you’re a homeowner, the summer months aren’t always so tranquil. Storm damage can be a headache and although we’d like to relax in the warm weather, it’s also a good time to stay on top of home maintenance. As a Breckenridge Realtor, I know how important maintenance is for your property so I have some great tips you can use to avoid summertime mistakes. iStock_000009554651XSmall 25

Pavement Precautions

It’s difficult to notice pavement issues in the wintertime. The summer months are perfect for making necessary fixes to cracks or chipped concrete. A latex or epoxy compound can do the trick before the problem gets any worse. To maintain a new look, just apply a resurfacer and nobody will ever know the difference.

Gutter Cleaning

Since your gutters aren’t the first thing you might notice on your home, you can easily forget how much debris collects over the course of a year or two. Yet when your gutters get clogged, you could be setting the stage for expensive repairs.

To avoid these costs, it’s recommended that you clean your gutters twice a year. If you would rather invest in a system that doesn’t require any checking, you might want to install a drainage system or screens that cover your gutter openings. Then you won’t have to clean out leaves and dirt every few months.

Roof Inspection

Even average storms can cause damage to your roof depending on how much wind and rain falls. You may not even know there’s a problem until it’s too late. If your home experiences a strong store, you should take the time to inspect your roof, or have a professional take a look for you.

After a storm, check your roof for any loose or warped shingles. If you see damage you can repair the problem immediately before you get leaks or more serious water damage during the winter.

Don’t Forget the Filter

Your air conditioner works hard over the summer. Make sure it stays efficient throughout the entire season by changing the air filter every few months. This will enable your unit to continue working smoothly and will keep allergens at bay so you can breathe easier all summer long.

Want More Info?

It may not be the highlight of your summer, but home maintenance is a year-round endeavor. I hope this blog has provided some important tips that help you stay on top of issues during the summer. One way to think of summer maintenance is that the nice weather makes the occasional chore more enjoyable, and many of them are much easier during the summer months.

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