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Making Your Summit County Home Look Its Best In Photos

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You’ve decided it’s time to sell your Summit County home. That’s great news and I’d love to help you through the entire process. But before we list your property, we need to make sure we have a very important marketing tool ready to use: great photographs. 3d-illustration-technique--concept-camera-1398481-m

The internet has transformed how people search for new homes. This means it’s more critical than ever to have spectacular photos of the place you’re trying to sell.

Posting blurry, cluttered or distorted pictures of your home in listings could turn off the very buyers you’re trying to attract. That’s why hiring a professional photographer could make all the difference.

But if you choose to take the photos on your own, this blog will give you some tips on how you can show your property in the best light possible.

Using Light to Your Advantage

The most successful photographs of home interiors are taken with window treatments open so that the image captures both the room and the outside view. But this can pose a problem if the outdoor light is brighter than the room itself. The resulting picture will make the room look dark and unappealing.

However, there are tricks you can use to compensate for these kinds of lighting issues. By taking pictures at sunrise or sundown or even when it’s overcast, you won’t have to battle the brightness of outdoor light.

If possible, you might want to hold off on taking pictures until a rainy day. Thunderstorms dim the outdoor light, lessening its glare, which ensures that your photos look crisper and cleaner.

Generally speaking, turning off the flash and keeping all of the indoor lights on will provide you with good photographs. But sometimes a camera’s flash is able to overcome the bright light that pours in from the windows.

Therefore, you might want to experiment to see how the photos come out both with and without the flash. Factors such as the kind of camera, the size of the room and the lighting all play a role in how well a flash will work in any given photograph.

When it comes to outdoor photos, a sunny day with a blue sky will usually provide you with nice images. Also, you should aim to have the sun behind you while taking your photos. 

How to Take Top Notch Photos

You only have one shot at making a first impression. So take the time to make sure your photos really capture the best aspects of your home. There are many things you can do so that your pictures stand out.

One detail to keep in mind is that you want the photos to be inviting. Every picture should welcome prospective buyers inside. To do this, you may consider having a select number of personal items in the shots. But there also has to be a balance. You don’t want the rooms to appear cluttered.

So be tasteful and create eye-catching compositions that will make your property hard to resist. Props such as fruit, flowers, a few books or a small clock add color and they also bring life to your pictures.

Photos that make a home look as if someone lives there project warmth. However, every item in the room needs to have a purpose. So don’t go overboard. You do not want a prospective buyer to think the space is messy. That’s a turn-off.

Also, when you take the photographs, keep the camera straight and level. Tilting it can make the side walls look slanted and distort your picture. Furthermore, frame your shot so that a room’s corners are not in the center. Your photos should be composed in a way that draws the eye to the overall room and all its possibilities.

Finally, give yourself time to create as many pictures as you need. Each room may look its best at different times of the day. So you’ll be in a better position to get superior shots if you take photos throughout the day of every room. 

Want to Sell Your Summit County Home?

As you can tell, photographs are essential for marketing your home. Ultimately, the smartest thing to do is to have a professional take photographs for your listing. If you need any recommendations, I’m happy to help you.  Also, I can assist you with everything else that you may need to sell your Summit County home.

Furthermore, I’m available to help you buy a home in Summit County as well. Just tell me the type of property you’d like and I can put together a comprehensive list we can go through together. Whatever your real estate needs happen to be now or in the future, I’m ready to be your guide.

You may also have certain questions or concerns that are addressed in my Kelli Sells Blog. So check it out and then feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Send me an email at [email protected] or call my office lines whenever you’d like. I look forward to hearing from you!

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