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December Summit County Real Estate Market Update

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The good news continues in the Summit County real estate market. I can report a 17 percent improvement in sales over this time last year, which is very promising!December Stats

However, I should also point out that average home sale prices are down a little at 3.4 percent. It’s important to note, though, that the above decrease is for all of Summit County. Each specific area in the county is unique and has varying percentages when it comes to sold prices.

The inventory of properties for sale in Summit County today is approximately 8 percent less than the same time in 2012. Fortunately, we had a large number of new listings last week. That has helped increase the inventory so that it’s closer to last year’s figures.

Summit County homes and condos under contract are slightly down this month. Also, sold activity has decreased by 38 percent. This has helped keep the total amount of properties under contract at about the same level as last year. In terms of percentages, it means a 3 point increase overall.

The lower under contract activity could be a reflection of our recent sub zero temperatures. People may prefer to stay home or be out on the slopes. At any rate, the Summit County market still has a lot going for it right now. That’s the important takeaway from this month’s report. It’s also a great way to view today’s Summit County real estate in the spirit of the holiday season!

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