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Best Breckenridge Realtor Tips: End of Summer Projects

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With temperatures still so warm, it’s hard to believe that cold weather is on its way, but seasonal change is inevitable. It’s a good idea to plan a few projects need to be done now, before it’s cold enough that you won’t want to be taking care of outdoor housework.

Here is a short checklist of the best projects to tackle, brought to you by the Breckenridge Realtor team. Make sure your property heads into the fall and winter in great shape, and use it as an excuse to enjoy a little more outdoor time.lunch-in-a-roofed-beach-chair-1412469

Patio Furniture Removal

Hopefully your patio furniture has served you well for months this summer. To protect these items, you should pull them indoors until the warm weather returns. Prior to taking them inside, though, give all of the furniture a good wipe down with a dry cloth. That will remove any dust and pollen that collected while the furniture was outdoors. Then rinse everything with a hose, and give them a chance to dry.

If you have fabric cushions, you should give them additional care. The labels will instruct you on the best way to treat these items so that they aren’t ruined during the cleaning process.

Don’t forget to scrub your grill before taking it inside, too. A warm, soapy cloth will clear off grease build-up. Plus, lubricating oil is highly recommended to clean and protect any moving parts.

Step Repairs

While there’s no precipitation on the ground, it’s the perfect time to make sure your steps are not in disrepair. Loose bricks or cracks can make your stairs more risky once the snow falls. You want to make sure nobody slips when entering and leaving your home.

Have a look at your stairs and railings and take care of any maintenance now.

Window Washing

As soon as the icy weather hits, you will probably stay indoors a bit more, and you certainly won’t want your windows open. That’s why it’s essential that you clean your windows, inside and out. With a moist, microfiber cloth, get rid of all the dust that may be on your windows’ surfaces. This will also eliminate all of the allergens that may have collected over time.

For the outside, spray your windows down with a hose. It’s a great first step to removing the dirt that’s bound to be on the glass. Then use a cleaner that you can apply with a squeegee for a more professional, streak-free look.

You might also consider inspecting the screens on all of your windows. This is the right time to fix or replace any torn or broken screens.

Garage Organizing

It’s easy to collect stuff in the garage during the summer season. To prepare for the winter, you might think about getting this space more organized. If you have a lot of loose things around, it could be beneficial to add some shelving.

Also, a thorough sweeping might be in order. Dirt and leaves can naturally gather in this area of your property. If you are even more motivated to keep your garage floor clean, you could add some epoxy paint. After just two coats, your garage floor will be easier to clean while also enjoying protection from grease and oil stains.

Buying or Selling?

Staying on top of seasonal cleaning and maintenance is a good idea for every homeowner, but it’s an especially good idea if you’re thinking of moving.

If you’re thinking of a move, or you’re ready to buy a home for the first time, start your research by looking through the updated listings on my website. When you’re ready to explore your options or prepare for showings, contact me at any time via email ([email protected]) or on my office line. I look forward to working with you!

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