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Tyra Summit in Breckenridge

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Breckenridge is a great place to live. From its extremely interesting history to full access to awesome skiing to a wonderful selection of locally owned shops, you can’t go wrong living here. For these very reasons and more, I want to tell you about one of the nicest neighborhoods in Breckenridge. It’s called Tyra Summit […]

March 2013 Summit County Real Estate Update

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Today’s real estate market in Summit County is strikingly similar to last year at this time. In fact, it almost feels like it’s still 2012 in many ways. However, there are some notable differences that deserve to be mentioned. But even these variations don’t point to dramatic changes from last year’s figures. This March’s statistics include: A […]

When You Live near Foreclosed Homes in Summit County

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You’re a responsible homeowner. With your mortgage and other home-related bills paid on time, you have definitely taken your investment seriously. In addition, you’ve been fortunate to be able to stay current on your debts. Many other owners have not been so lucky. But now that you want to sell your house, you’re finding a […]

February 2013 Summit County Real Estate Update

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So far there are some ups and downs in Summit County real estate this year. However, we are still only in the first weeks of 2013. Plus, there are positive signs ahead that show more properties are going under contract. February Sales Data Let’s get started by looking at the latest numbers. Unfortunately, residential sales […]