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Month: February 2014

Breckenridge Realtor Tips: Buying & Selling Simultaneously

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More and more homeowners are facing a predicament that can actually be a blessing. They’ve found an eager buyer, which means they must secure another property to purchase as soon as possible. As a Breckenridge Realtor, I can tell you this is a welcome change from the days when buying a home might have been […]

Homes for Sale in Summit County CO: Price & Interest Rate Myths

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As a Realtor, I get a lot of questions from hopeful buyers about how to afford a new home. One of the most common topics is the relationship between interest rates and prices. Many people believe if the rates go up, then home prices must go down.  Unfortunately, that isn’t true. It’s a myth. The […]

Breckenridge CO Property Tips: To Buy Or Not to Buy Flipped Properties

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To begin with, I should say that I really love selling properties in Breckenridge, CO. There are so many unique styles and neighborhoods that give this town a distinct and vibrant feel. With all of the numerous styles, you can choose from a large variety of homes, including log and timber ski-in-ski-out houses, cozy chalets […]

Breckenridge Condos For Sale: February Featured Property

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Mountain living can be fantastic, especially if you move into this gorgeous, Breckenridge condo. Its vaulted ceilings, three comfortably-sized bedrooms, fireplace, deck, patio and top-floor location make it an ideal home. All of these amazing features come together to give you privacy without sacrificing convenient access to everything Breckenridge has to offer. Located just minutes away […]

Breckenridge Real Estate: Silver Shekel Neighborhood

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If you love being surrounded by miles of natural beauty, but you don’t want to sacrifice access to top notch amenities then I know the perfect neighborhood for you. It’s called Silver Shekel and it’s one of my absolute favorite communities in Breckenridge. That’s why I’m very excited to make it the featured neighborhood in […]

Breckenridge Real Estate: February Market Update

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It’s the middle of winter and that could explain the lull in the Breckenridge real estate market. For the first time in months, we’ve hit the pause button. Still, there’s no reason to lose hope. Real estate can have many different patterns as you’ll soon see.  Currently, Summit County figures are down 12 percent for […]