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Month: May 2015

Breckenridge Realtors Tip: Get Buyer Feedback

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If you’ve had your Breckenridge home listed in the market for an extended period of time without any offers, you’re probably frustrated. I can sympathize. A lot of work goes into showing a home in the hopes of attracting the right house hunter.  However, just because the property hasn’t progressed yet doesn’t mean you’re out […]

Best Breckenridge Realtor Advice: Loan Modifications

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During the recession, many homeowners who couldn’t afford their mortgages any longer turned to loan modifications. This financial tool helped keep them afloat. Today, loan modifications can still be a viable option, even if you aren’t having trouble paying off your mortgage.  As a Breckenridge Realtor, I think it’s important to explore this potential money-saving […]

Featured Breckenridge MLS Listing: May 2015

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Looking to rough it without compromising on a luxurious feel? If so, I have the perfect home for you! This 3-bedroom property offers a log cabin experience that doesn’t come up short on finishing touches. I’m happy to present this MLS listing as my featured home in May. Let me begin by saying this house is perfect for nature lovers and Breckenridge fans […]

Breckenridge Real Estate Market Update

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The good news keeps getting better for the Breckenridge real estate market! Not only are sales up, they’re improving in every price range. In a nutshell, this means the Breckenridge real estate market update this month is definitely positive! It’s great to see the spring season off to such a great start.  This sales growth isn’t happening in […]

Breckenridge Realtor Picks: May Events

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There’s no question that Summit County is heating up with some fantastic activities! As a Realtor and resident of Breckenridge, I’m very excited to share this sample of all the events you can experience throughout the month of May. There’s so much to do around town this time of year that you’ll be energized, too!  Junior […]

Breckenridge Real Estate and Climate Change

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Colorado’s climate is changing. A recent study has provided data to show how environmental conditions are causing serious challenges to the state. According to the report entitled “The Colorado Climate Change Vulnerability Study,” which was commissioned by the state legislature, the climate is expected to be drier and the winter seasons shorter, among other findings.  […]